Apple has a message for iPhone X users facing ‘FaceID glitch’


Apple recently ‘warned’ users for the screen burn issue and the color tint on the iPhone X display when used in extreme conditions. Now, it has said that in certain situations users might face glitches with the FaceID, which is one of the key features of the handset.

The Cupertino-based tech firm, in one of its support pages, has mentioned that users in certain situations may see an error in the iPhone X saying “A problem was detected with the TrueDepth Camera. Face ID has been disabled.”
Furthermore, Apple says that it ran diagnostics in iOS and detected this issue with the TrueDepth camera. The error won’t let people use FaceID feature to unlock the device. However, this won’t affect the how the smartphone works.
“Using diagnostics in iOS, we’ve detected an issue with your TrueDepth camera that might cause it to not function as expected. This won’t prevent you from using your iPhone X, but you won’t be able to use Face ID, Animoji, and some other features using the front camera until your iPhone X is serviced,” says the page.

If facing this issue, iPhone X users are advised to take their smartphones to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or make a Genius Bar reservation at the Apple Store. They can also get in touch with the Apple Support services online.

For those unaware, the FaceID feature in the iPhone X can be used to unlock the device, Apple Pay, iTunes & App Store, Safari AutoFill. Also, the TureDepth camera provides an additional level of security for FaceID. The tech verifies if users are looking at the iPhone X before unlocking.

Apple, few days ago updated its iPhone X support page to reveal that it may witness screen burns and colour tint issues over time. This is similar to what the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphones have been facing off late.


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