Imgur confirms over 1.7 million of its user accounts were hacked in 2014


Imgur, a renowned photo sharing website and app, over the weekend confirmed that some 1.7 million of its user accounts were hacked back in 2014. The company was notified about the hack on November 23. The company has even given details on how it is tackling the issue and what users could do to prevent this.
“On November 23, Imgur was notified of a potential security breach that occurred in 2014 that affected the email addresses and passwords of 1.7 million user accounts. While we are still actively investigating the intrusion, we wanted to inform you as quickly as possible as to what we know and what we are doing in response,” said Roy Sehgal, chief operating officer, Imgur, in a blog post.
Imgur says that the breach compromised user’s email addresses and password. Since the photo-sharing website never asked users for other details such as real names, home addresses, phone numbers and more, they are not affected.
The blog post added that the company always used password encryption, but hackers may have cracked them with brute force due to an older hashing algorithm (SHA-256) that was being used in 2014, when the attack took place. “We updated our algorithm to the new bcrypt algorithm last year,” said Sehgal.
Imgur has already notified users by sending them emails and have asked them to update their passwords. “We recommend that you use a different combination of email and password for every site and application. Please always use strong passwords and update them frequently,” says Sehgal.
Such attacks are not new in the tech world. Recently there were reports claiming that Uber too witnessed a massive hack in October last year. The hack led to a compromise of around 57 million user accounts. The company CEO Dara Khosrowshahi in a statement said that hackers stole personal data of the rider and driver’s licenses of about 6,00,000 drivers.
The difference between Uber and the Imgur hack is that the later notified it to users within a day, while Uber hid the details for a year and only revealed it a few days ago.


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