Hike adds six new social features in its chat app


Mobile app Hike Messenger today added new six new social features for group chat which include voting, bill split, checklists and event reminders.

“Groups can use – Vote, Bill Split, Checklists, Events with Reminders and even Teen Patti – with great ease and without the cumbersome effort of using multiple apps. Our new features will make sharing much easier within the group and raise the fun and productivity quotient,” Hike Messenger Chief Technology Officer Vishwanath Ramarao said here.

These features will work in group with up to 1,000 members.

“These are the features that our target group which is mostly teen and students are looking for. When it comes to deciding on event, movie or party they can choose voting feature, split bills among friends etc,” Ramarao said.
There will be an inbuilt calendar exclusive for group chat that will remind about the upcoming event.


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